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Office work - Use the network | 2,100 × 1,400 pixels | Free illustration list - 02

Carry your mobile device. Connect to the internet and use it for work. Remote computer work. Work from home on a computer. A woman who works alone. A man standing on a smartphone. A man looking up directions with a map app. Check the map from a bird's-eye view. Men and women to check how busy the road is. Many faces appear on the monitor. A man explaining a line graph. A man giving instructions on the graph. Explain the graph in the company presentation. A person presenting using a browser. Display and explain the graph of the earth. Check sales on your laptop. The person who looks at the graph unfortunately. A man who is discouraged by the stock market crash. Calculate future assets. A man who failed in business. A man who picks up a problem. Women and men face each other. A woman explaining the flow of money. A person who determines when to buy and when to sell. A man who is discouraged by failure. A person who works on a smartphone. A person who sits in a chair and works. A woman sitting on a high chair and using a computer. Two men and women who work hard. The person who receives the urgent email. A man pulling a shopping cart. A man who can sell to two women. A man who pulls a shopping cart and enters the store. Men and women who look at the world map and discuss. A person who climbs a ladder on a browser. A woman who uses a cloud server. Men and women who share data on cloud systems. Display a lot of faces on the monitor. Upload work data to the cloud. Use a cloud-like cloud system.